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If you love The Plant Runner's Indoor Plant Food to get your plants growing and thriving, now level up with their 500ml glass refill bottle.


Designed by The Plant Runner, proud-plant nerds, their liquid Indoor Plant Food is a special formulation of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N.P.K), trace elements and seaweed as a superfood your plants will drink up.


It's almost completely odourless and comes with its own marked dropper for exact measurements and minimal waste. Just one bottle will make up to 100L of plant fertiliser.


Simply add the concentrate to your watering can at 1ml/litre, and water your plants as usual. No need to add any extra steps to your plant care routine - just add once and water in. Feeding should be done fortnightly while your plants are actively growing. 


Made in Melbourne, designed by horticulturalists.

The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food Refill 500ml

  • Shake before using.

    Add 1ml of Indoor Plant Food to 1 litre of water and water your plants as normal.

    To keep your plants well fed, fertilise every 2-4 weeks over Spring and Summer or while your plants are actively growing. You can reduce feeding to once every 6 weeks at half strength over Winter.

    For sensitive plants, feed at half strength.

    Store out of direct sunlight. 

    Can be used as a foliar spray when added to a mister. 

    This is a vegan friendly product

  • Typical Analysis: 

    Nitrogen:     ​  (N) 12%

    Phosphorus: (P) 2% 

    Potassium: ​   (K) 12%

    Trace Elements:

     (B) Boron

    (Fe) Iron

    (Mn) Manganese

    (Zn) Zinc

    (Cu) Copper

    (Mo) Molybdenum

    (Mg) Magnesium

    (Ca) Calcium

    Plus Seaweed.

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