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Trending tips, this way! Create a French manicure in minutes with this tool kit. We’ve included two essential 45 Second Speedy gloss shades, plus a silicone tip tool to create the easiest French tips – all you have to do is dip each nail!



KNIGHTSBRIDGE NIGHTS OUT - a sheer pink shade

FIND ME IN FULHAM - a bold white shade


Both shades are formulated in the Nails.INC longwear formula and patented wide hugging brush for flawless application. Try the hack today!

NAILS INC French Mani Hack Nail Polish Set

  • STEP 1: Apply one coat of your favourite Nails.INC base coat

    STEP 2: Once dry, apply a layer of KNIGHTSBRIDGE NIGHTS OUT

    STEP 3: Once dry, paint a layer of FIND ME IN FULHAM on top of the silicone tool tip.

    STEP 4: While wet, dip your nail in at a 45 degree angle onto the stamper and push down until you reach the end of the nail tip, creating a classic French manicure.

    STEP 5: Finish with your favourite Nails.INC top coat for longer lasting glossy results.

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