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Personalise your skincare routine to perfection. 



You are unique.

And so is your skin.

The range of 100% vegan cosmeceutical concentrates addresses your specific skincare needs. Add 1–3 drops to your face or body moisturiser for a perfectly targeted beauty routine.


Suits everyone, from skincare beginners to experienced beauty biohackers.

Strawberry seed oil is a superblend of active ingredients with powerful age-protecting and glow-boosting effects. Vitamin A and ellagic acid help stimulate collagen production. The presence of vitamin E and phenols provide defence against skin-damaging environmental factors. Omega 3-6-9 enhance skin hydration and radiance. 


Stronger antioxidant effect compared to resveratrol. Water-free formulation. Packaged in light protective glass.

Beneficial for: collagen, glow, age-prevention, hydration, urban defence. Stronger than resveratrol.

Mádara Strawberry Vitamin Blend Custom Active 17.5ml

  • Suitable for the face and body. Add 1-3 drops to face or body moisturiser or oil. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. For external use only.

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