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Your plant-based meal replacement shake, nourish your body with organic plant-based protein, essential vitamins + minerals.


Get in the best shape of your life with Body Shaping Shake! A delicious vegan blend of organic plant protein combined with essential nutrients, probiotics and digestive enzymes to support your metabolism and wellbeing. 


Body Shaping Shake comes in a box of 14 convenient sachets.


Body Shaping Shake is a nutritional supplement and should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet.


490G - 14 X 35G SACHETS

Body Shaping Shake Cocoa Sachets

  • + SHAKE IT 

    Mix one 35 g sachet with 200ml almond milk + 200ml water. Replace 1-2 meals through the day with a shake. 


    This product must not be used as a total diet replacement. 

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